Jab baat cricket ke bukhar ki aati hai, toh hum hi sabse bade mareez hai, aur hum hi sabse bade doctor. There are leisure-watchers, there are hardcore fans, and then there is us. We live and breathe cricket; and it’s our passion that has made us decode the game, from the inside out.

The Lagai Khai Pro app is our gift to all the cricket fans around the world, who love the analytical side of this great game. Simply put, we love crunching the numbers, as much as a batsman loves crunching the ball. Our numbers game is stronger than everyone else and that’s why we are able to give you tips that are based on cent per cent accurate insights and in-depth analysis of the game.

Since our true happiness lies in and around the 22 yards, we cover each and every match, no matter the continent in which it’s being played. Fire up your Lagai Khai Pro app whenever you are watching a match to know Kab Khana Hai aur Kab Lagana Hai, kyunki sab LKP ne hi sahi sahi batana hai.