Lagai Khai

How to play?

Sign in and create Username & Password, you will need an email address for this.

Log in to access virtual betting, you may only be able to place bets post logging in. Select markets, i.e.  Match odds. You will have 100,000 hit coins once you enter the arena for the first time. You may use your hit coins to place bets for various different odds.


Back & Lay

Back* the blue color box visible in each market odds is represents the bet on the winning of the team mentioned horizontally at the same level.

Back*- Lagai

Lay* the pink color box visible in each market odds represents the bet on the losing team mentioned horizontally at the same level, i.e winning of the other team

Lay*- Khai



Every transaction can be viewed in the history. The history will contain the total number of bets made and the odds selected by you every time.  Please note the history and your Asli book will be different.

Please note once you place a bet, your hit coins will be debited from your account and after the result you will be credited with the amount you won.

We hope its always win-win on both sides for you



1.     Will I be able to place bets on this platform?

Yes virtual bets with real time odds and real time scores can be placed in the form of coins.


2.     Will I be able to check my history?

Yes as per the time and odds you will be able to maintain your history, the balance will be automatically updated.


3.     Does this involve any real money?



4.     What are hit coins?

This is the virtual currency that you will be using to place the bets.


5.     Does the platform provide any special features unlike other platforms?

Yes, you may activate your push button notification for every important element in a match and also view special graphs that will help you depict the correct variables and implied odds.



Lagai Khai is a virtual betting platform; no bets are placed or compensated in real money.

You may select the kind of bet you want place, after which you need to specify how many hit coins you want to risk for the same. Once the number of hit coins and bet is selected, the hit coins will be debited from your profile and after the result your winnings will be credited to your account. If a ball is not bowled during a competition, series or match then all bets will be void except for those on any market that has been unconditionally determined. If a match is shortened by weather, all bets will be settled according to the official result (including for limited overs matches, the result determined by the Duckworth Lewis method).In the event of a match being decided by a super over all bets will be void except for those on markets that have been unconditionally determined.


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